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promotions_bannerWe are leaded with the vision of the promise of quality. So, we built highly sophisticated production facilities that meet world-class quality standards with our high performing team. In Riviere, our staffs are our partners. Our partners are highly committed towards our vision and always ensure best experience for each of the customer they serve every day. We are a team always looking for continuous improvement in everything we do. So, we strive to find better ways everyday to enhance the customer satisfaction in our products and our services. We have harmonized each of our business processes that create and serve high value to our customers.
Our quality focus reflects in our business activities. We made our plant fully automated with a perfectly clean environment. In the production stage no any bottles or Riviere is touched by human. So, we avoid the possibilities for any kind of micro-biological and other contaminations.
Our outputs are strictly monitored by our experts in the quality control. They make sure that every bottle meets the pre-set quality standards according to our vision. Our logistics and delivery services are also done by experienced and committed team in order to create best experience for our customers.

We are committed to our environment and society too. We recognized the impact of carbon foot-prints in the planet earth. Hence we continuously strive to find innovative ways to minimize the use of natural resource and cut costs. As a part of it, we invested in manufacturing technologies that ensures that we use natural resources in the most efficient way. Additionally, we provide elegant looking water accessories that are capable of reducing the carbon foot-print in our planet. We invite you be with us to save our planet.

Today, we are able to manufacture the best and pure mineral water than anybody in the industry. We believe that it is the reward for our team work and great vision. Our satisfied customer base proves that we are the brand they love.
Our laboratory

We have fully equipped laboratory with innovative facilities and high quality resources. The lab is leaded by the best expert and he ensures perfect accuracy in all reports. Our team used to test the water quality several times in a single day in order to make sure that our product meets our promise of quality and far away from any kind of contaminations.
Our expert chemist ensure that we continuously improve the quality and the taste of our water and the mineral composition perfect for your health

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