“At Riviere, we are a team with mutual respect, empathy, and self-motivation. We together strive to create a healthier future for the community and the planet earth.”
We search for people around the world. We let them to know, feel, understand, and respect each other. Our great leadership teaches egalitarianism and we understand everybody as a human being with own values, expectations and belief. So, together we travel to greatness.
Why works for us?
   Rewards you get
We don’t believe that money can do everything. Your health, your time, your life, everything is getting paid at Riviere. Above all, we are concerned about the career development of our employees. We teach our employees to dream about their life and career. To fulfill that dream, we set stage for them to perform in our company. Job enrichment, job rotation, teamwork, promotions are examples of the services we offer to our valuable employees.

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