ISO 22000
ISO 22000 is the international accepted standard and system certification for quality. ISO 22000 ensures that the organization or the systems that delivers value to customer meets the requirements of FSMS (Food Safety Management System). The ISO 22000 certification demonstrates the ability of an organization to manage food safety hazards efficiently and make sure that the food is safe, high quality and safe for human consumption. With this certification we give you the promise of quality in our each bottle
HACCP, or the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system, is an important process control system which identifies the possibilities for happening food safety hazards in the production process and activates stringent controls measures to prevent hazards from occurring. With the strict monitoring and controlling each step of the process, there is less chance for hazards to occur and in this way we promise the best quality and hygiene for our product we deliver to you every day.
Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) is a sole standardization body in UAE under Law No. 28/2001. A board of directors chaired by H. E. the Minister of Environment and Water, is the dominant affairs and lay down its policy and adopting all the suitable procedures to ensure efficient performance its assignments.
The Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) is the mark of conformity granted by ESMA to the products is manufactured by an organization implementing an effective Quality Management System to ensure continuous compliance with the relevant UAE National Standards, Regional and/or International Standards. The process of achieving the license to use the Emirates Quality Mark involves a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the quality system used by the manufacturer in production through testing, inspection. We are proud to hold ESMA (EQM) certification for our product also.
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA)
The vision in establishing ADFCA is to restructure the food regulatory system in line with international best practices followed in the field of food safety. ADFCA carries a great role in ensuring the health and safety of food products. Hence, it is the role of ADFCA for continuous inspection against their vision of making food products safe and healthy.
We always welcomed the frequent and random visits from ADFCA and still hold the certification from them. It is simple to understand that we are maintaining the compliances and regulations of ADFCA in order to keep our promise of quality in our products we deliver to you every day.

Apart from all these certification, it is our vision to keep our promise of quality in everything we serve to you. .

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