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  • What is the specialty of Riviere

Riviere is one of the most branded and leading supplier of mineral water in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The matchless and sophisticated purification & water treatment process ensures that we serve the best quality water with right mineral composition your body requires. The fully automatic and highly sophisticated production process ensures that we fill the best water in absolutely hygienic polybrite bottles.

We promise you the most refreshing taste for our pure mineral water.

  • How can I subscribe to your best service for my home?

For the convenience of our customers, we made the special schedules for every of our customer. Our committed and expert team always ensures that all of our customers are receiving the prompt delivery on time

  • Do you have any competitive packages for your customers?

By understanding the needs of our customers, we made the special rate coupons in different price packages. You can enjoy the surprising offer of free bottles of Riviere pure mineral water with every of our various packages.

  • How can I ensure that I receive the service even while I am going outside?

While you are going outside, please don’t forget to keep your bottles and leaves from your special rate coupons outside. Our representative will deliver your bottles for the week.

  • What if I need assistance for my water accessories?

Our technical department is always ready to assist you for all your needs. You can place your inquiries in our website, e-mail ID, and in toll free (800 50005).

  • What are the certifications you have?

Riviere water is certified with ISO, HACCP, and ESMA. This clearly proves that we are one of the leading branded mineral water companies in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

  • How do you ensure safety for your product in various stages?

We have crafted best experts to ensure the quality standards we set across various stages of production and logistics. The production process is completely automated with world-class technology. Our experts’ team will ensure the water is checked in the laboratory at every 90 minutes in a day to confirm that we deliver the pure mineral water at best quality and hygiene.

  • Why Riviere is renowned for its health focus?

We believe that health is more precious than anything anybody can have. So, we found the best composition of mineral and best taste to keep you hydrated and refreshed and we promise that RIviere water is always for your health.

  • Am I getting charged for receiving my weekly bottle for my home?

Absolutly No. we have arranged the free and fast home delivery service with our efficient team.

  • How can I get advice about my inquiries and best packages you have?

You just need to dial to our toll free number 800 50005 to get assistance from our professionally trained and multi-linguistic customer service executive from 8.00AM to 9.00PM in all working days

  • What can I do to make sure your service if I change my existing location?

Our customers can update their registration details with our customer service department. After you update your information with us, we can ensure the service wherever you need it across Abu Dhabi.

  • How you fulfill your commitment to your society?

It is our mission to ensure that we serve the branded and best quality pure mineral water at best and affordable price to all of our customers.

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