Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions
1. The first party agreed to lease 5 US gallon bottles and water accessories to the second
Party as a facility.
2. The second party will be responsible to pay Dhs 20/- per bottle, Dhs 30/- per
Dhs 325/- per Cooler & Dhs 10/- per pump pay in the case of any loss or damages of
the leased facilities.
3. The second party has received the bottles and other water accessories in good
condition and will exert required care to preserve it and will avoid damage or loss of it.
4. The first party will have the right to recall water accessories anytime..

Please remember

(a) The deposit amount will be refunded only on producing the original invoice/
Agreement which may please be retained.
(b) In the case of bottle damages, the deposit can’t be refunded
(c) Kindly inform Riviere before returning the deposited water accessories.

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